Thursday, July 27, 2006

tagged.. :(

by dear-old-Kajen..

well, here goes (me first attempt at tags)

10 years ago i was:
hmm.. in std 3 in SRK Sri Subang Jaya.. still naive (and dumb i may add).. playing masak masak every free period with my friends.. using empty groundnut skins as bowles.. toothpicks as chopsticks.. making paper boats when it rains and have paperboat race in the drain (my school used to flood alot).. creating wierd concoctions (cheif chef: fiona low) where we will mix toothpaste, listerine and all kinds of stuff and then try to convince people to eat it (dun think anybody did though.. phew).. also the year when PTS was introduced.. as it was my first MAJOR exam, i was really panicked and i distinctly remembering running to the toilet to answer nature's call just before the exam started.. hehe.. oh ya.. it was around the time XFCJ was formed (whats that u say?? <--- adapted from Naboob's winning cheer!!) well, its a club formed by me and my closest buddies (Xandra, Fiona, Crystal and Ju Enn) it was only much later when we had to rename the club (XFCJ'SS) to include 2 new members (Sharon and Sing Ee)

5 years ago i was:
erm, in form 2 SMK USJ 4.. i remember the day i was chosen to be a prefect.. and the hideous uniform we were forced to parade in.. sigh.. imagine, yellow shirt and grey bottom?? who in the right mind will make such a clashing combination?? well the answer is (drum rolls) Pn. Bumble Bee aka Pn. Roebiah Iskandar.. only when Mr. Siva took over we had a decent uniform (sky blue top with white bottom-i admit it wasn't perfect especially during the girls "highlight of the month" but is was much better).. oh did i mention our terrible tie?? it was dark green with our school badge forming polka-dot like design.. ARGH!! i also remember that it wasn't a very good year cos my bestest friend left for Canada and i only found out much later.. sob sob..

1 year ago i was:
in SAM taylors college.. met many new friends.. and many dedicated teachers.. i remember that Puvan once said that mr chong looked like Jay Chow in the headphone.. haha.. you should have seen him blush.. and the time Mrs. boon mistaken the curly wire of a handphone charger to be a bicycle lock.. OMG!! not to mention the numerous times Ms. angelene got pissed off at our class (its for our own good i know..) and the times we would rush off to pyramid during breaks and then rush back just in time for the next lecture.. i also remember the IMU interview and how nervous i was.. ( oh ya, my interviewer is Prof Mak and Dr. P Kumar) and when the results came i was in Penang so my pet bro had to go to my house and read the result to me.. hehe thanks alot dear.. love you for it..

yesterday i was:
i'm on holiday till september!! woohoo.. well, yesterday i went to do my elective (YOGA) at fitness first.. and i can honestly say that never in my 19 years of life excercise more put together than yesterday alone.. in yoga, Dr. Dhilip made us do excercise to strenghten our leg muscles.. and then me and irene went body combat straight after my yoga class.. so tiring.. someone be kind enough to give me a massage?? :P

5 most recent songs i listened to:
1. mary had a little lamb
2. baa ba black sheep
3. twinkle twinkle little star
4. ABC
5. i'm a little tea pot
well, i dun really listen to music.. and even if i do, i can't remember the artist and title..

5 songs i know all the words to:
1-5 church songs

5 ideal places for running away to:
1. my bedroom
2. church
3. fitness first??
4. into the arms of a loved one
5. korea!!

5 things i really want:
1. to be a great doctor..
2. answers to questions
3. be a better Catholic
4. higher tolerance levels
5. *censored*

5 things i should be doing right now:
1. catching up on sleep
2. organising my phone book (its in a mess.. any volunteers??)
3. polishing up golf swing (need lot of work here)
4. teaching brothers add math
5. volunteer services to adrian

5 biggest joys in my life:
1. God
2. parents
3. twin brothers (i prayed for them :P)
4. Happy (my dog)
5. friends

people i tag:
all those on my BUDDIES list that hasn't been tagged!!
and all those who reads this and have nothing better to do :P

there.. DONE..

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