Wednesday, July 12, 2006

questions without answers YET..

hmm.. as most of you know, i now have too much spare time on my hands (not that i'm complaining) but this also means that my brains now have more time to think of crap.. and this is what i've been wondering about.. guys mind.. er since jem and aaron are more than willing to give a lecture on how to treat girls, i'm sure they woundn't mind answering some of these queries.. hehe..

1. why does guys (usually) treat their ex like crap?? even if they are the one who called it off??

2. what does guys think of girls who expresses their feelings first??

3. why do (most) guys like skimpy looking girls compared to decent ones??

4. are guys concerned about their weight??

5. why do (most) guys act differently with their girlfriends than when they are out with guy friends??

6. why are (some) guys jealous when their girl talks to other guys but can't understand why their girlfriend is mad at them for talking to other girls?? i mean, what goes around comes around.. :P

these questions are just my thoughts.. it is not meant to kena-kan anybody.. but if you feel insulted, check yourself in the mirror because siapa makan cili dia rasa pedas.. no offence ya.. just would like to know more about the opposite sex and their increasingly complex mind..


JeMbOrEe said...

U know.. u could actually ask Celestine about this since he's learning psychology.

1. Too many answers to type down lo. Well.. 1st depends if the guy was a playboy or not.. and whether he really liked/loved u.

Guys try to move on and usually cope in a different way compared to gals. Ignoring the person is just one of the choices and is the easiest i suppose.

On the other hand... you could think of it that he tries to be bad to u to reinforce his own feelings... maybe coz he's not sure he did the right thing in the 1st place and by treating u this way, he convinces himself that he did the right thing.

2. I like it :)

3. Hmm... Well.. for me.. its not that I like them... It's just that ermm... its just eye candy. Haha...

But doesn't alter the way I see them. Actually doesn't matter what u wear... Ur character determines whether ur hot or not. Believe it or not.. the hottest people i've met all dressed decently.

It could be a primitive instinct of guys.. Go for what is presumed to be attractive. Like animals in a way.. U know.. the beauty of the peacock's tail will determine the mate.

My question for u.. Y do girls wear skimpy clothes? I think both questions are linked... rite?

4. Hell yea..

5. Erm.. when ur with guys.. I think it's generally accepted to act guy-ish... Don't really show ur entire personality.

To the girlfriends.. u don feel the inhibition of just being 'guy" and I guess, the real person shows.

6. Another primitive instinct i think.

xandra said...

haha.. thanks wei.. er.. why do girls wear skimpy clothes?? hmm.. i'm not exactly the best person to ask.. but i think its more to boost confidence as they feel sexier in some odd way lar.. hehe.. does it answer your question..?? by the way, you could consider studying psychology too :D

JeMbOrEe said...

Hahaha... i could :) Wanna sponsor me?

joseph said...

1. my answer is same as jemboree's

2. she's unique and know what she wants. i guess she is committed 2 the relationship ( takes the initiative). BUT, this kind of girls r rare.

3. i don't know how 2 explain! :-p

4. NO (not me though. BUT I hate 2 be fat)

5. same answer as jemboree

6. Guys and girls get jealous when that kind of situations happen. BUT, girls are more and easily sensitive compared 2 guys. i've asked girls about this, and that's what they told me. U have 2 check out the accuracy urself

deer said...

1. i dont?
2. never happened to be before..
3. skimpy.. err.. same answer with jem. but not my type. just for seeing but not for touching? more like see see no touchy thingy. hahaha..
4. weight? nooo.. tummy? yessss... now i cant even fit into a size 29.. grr.. anyway.. more weight means got more base power to lift gf up into the sky. hahaha.. its fun btw. :P
5. umm.. if ur bf is soooo manje.. i dont think he wanna show it to everyone in the world besides u rite?
6. umm.. girls get mad, guys get jealous. can see the difference? hahaha.. well.. its just a common thing lah.. its up to that person itself to determine whether to be mad/jealous or not. see how open they can accept other ppl talking to their partner.

basically.. most of our answers are the same.. hahahahaa.. see.. guys think alike?

eh movie when!?!??! ......