Tuesday, July 04, 2006

i'm back!!!!!!!!!!!!

with a brand new blog skin too.. isn't it so cute!! i love it so much.. thank you bro.. he got the idea from a wrapping paper he saw at school and i guess it reminded him of me.. aww.. and to think he did it all in less that a day..

anyway, as you guys may have already noticed my pattern, my blog is only dynamic after exams or when i'm super free.. yup, you've guessed it.. i just finish my EOS.. phew.. one semester down.. NINE more to go.. sigh..

but somehow, i don't feel relieved.. well, at least until i get the results and the confirmation that i do not have to RESIT or VIVA.. the SAQ was a real killer.. put all the previous tests i've done to shame man.. haha..

but OPSE was fun.. we get to meddle with the models.. was kinda tempted to meddle with the labels.. hehe.. but since i'm such a kind person i didn't.. :P i have one complain about the OPSE system though..
1. the buzzer was scary.. i mean imagine you concentrating very hard, squeezing your cereberum for an answer, the buzzer beeps so loud and sadly to say its a very wierd sound.. you literally jump out of your chair and rotate to the next cubical.. haha..
2. i was reading the question when all of a sudden a pair of legs popped out from under the table!! argh.. cos there was a perosn sitting opposite me and the table was kinda short..

but, all that was history.. now to plan how to enjoy holidays.. muahaha... that i am good at..

oh ya, DENISE has updated her blog.. alert the press!! hehe.. good job girl.. but she only did it to complain having to wait for me for 2 hours to finish my OPSE because my name starts with X.. hehe.. i'm so "touched"..

after the i finished my OPSE, we went curve.. have been wanting to go there for ages.. so when Geoff said we're going curve i said "YAY!!".. hehe hope didn't rupture your tympanic membrane (aka ear drums).. hehe.. had a nice lunch at Italianis.. huge portions..

love the ambience, just like a good old traditional family dinner..

spaghetti and meatballs.. yum.. but someone had to point out that the meatballs are like testes, the topping is the epididymis, and the spaghetti is the pampiniform plexus.. LOL..

roasted chicken italianis.. with loads of potatoes.. Denise drools.. :P hehe..

huge peperoni pizza.. yummy..

er.. i think this is the classic pizza..

we're loving it.. sorry mc D.. hehe..

a toast to our dear friend yuen teng who is going to UKM.. sob sob..

isn't the background so overseas-like..

then we went walking around.. kinda like lost sheep because for the first time in months (ok ok.. maybe i'm exagerating a little :P) we actually have tonnes of time on our hands.. usually it is just like goble goble up lunch and then go library to warm up the chair.. sad huh.. well, what do you expect..

but sadly, we had to say goodbye to yuen.. (yuen, if you're reading this do remember to keep in touch and keep your IMU student ID so you can visit us anytime you're free.. and don't forget you promised to sneak us in to your campus and introduce us to your cadaver.. hehee.. :P love ya girl..)

then we went to IKEA cos Ange wanted to get something.. and we became their spokesperson.. haha.. don;t you just love their designs?? it made us take a peep into the future and dream of having a beautifully decorated house.. but reality hit that we're a long way from all that.. sigh.. hehe..
to all those who are planning to read medicine, be warned:
be prepared to spend alot alot alot of time studying because no matter how much you study, you can never seem to remember all the stuff.. but at the same time, it is interesting as you learn more about your body.. and its all you ever think abour where ever you go.. in a good way of course..

for instance, just now we went to IKEA and we saw a rug with little bristle like thingies.. and we went like.. "HEY, microvilli!!".. get what i mean?? haha..

well, i guess thats all for now.. will be back soon!! ciaoz!!

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