Sunday, July 23, 2006

i miss you!!

i really miss all my childhood friends.. (sorry to disappoint anybody :P)

was talking to my best friend.. Sharon.. miss you so much girl.. faster come back from Canada lar!! well, we had a nice time chatting about the good old days..

miss all those good times we had together.. all those pranks we played on others.. i know its mean but whats life without some fun?? i still remember the time when we had a new Seni teacher.. we hated her so much cos her perfume was sooooo strong.. even when she walks pass you, you can get choked on her perfume.. so one day, this friend of mine brought a plastic frog ( i have to admit it was really realistic looking) and i put it on the teachers chair.. when she saw it, she screamed.. OMG.. that look was priceless.. haha.. and the other time when we played a prank on a classmate.. the poor guy hated apple juice smell.. and we just had to put bottles of empty juice bottle into his bag.. haha..

miss those crazy lame games we used to play.. we used to make this film strip (strips of paper stuffed into used film rolls..) then we'd take turns drawing out characters which looks like hands.. (don't ask why).. anyway, all of us were too lazy to bring it back home.. so we'd stuff it in our teachers potted plant everyday at the end of school.. and one day (drum rolls), the teacher decided that it was time to change her plant.. imagine the heartbreak.. haha..

miss playing in the rain.. in our old school it always floods when it rains.. so we'd make paper boats and see who's will go the furthest before capsizing.. and to keep our shoes dry, we'll take them off and run around.. i know i know its dangerous and dirty.. but when you're young, you tend to do stupid things..

miss sliding down the driveway with my brothers in our swimsuits.. we'd put soap on the tiled floor and rub it with our lil bodies just to make sure it was even.. then we would slide down and usually crash into the gate below..

miss the days when exams are so much easier than now.. last time it was like study the night before exams and the results are so much better than now.. in IMU even camping in the library isn't enough to make the deans list (for me lar..)

miss those days when we're so naive.. the days when talking to guys are like terrible sins.. hehe.. when girls hung out with girls only and vice versa..

miss taking breakfast in the car and being driven around.. now, its like breakfast in the Audi.. (not the car.. ) driving to uni myself, being bullied on the road.. going through the same jam day in day out.. speaking of which.. anybody wanna be my driver?? :P

miss those days when all my cousins used to gather at ah ma's house.. and play our family game called "hantu kala".. now its like all gone off to uni, some working.. (hey cuzzies.. must play one last game before we get too old and wrinkley).. miss going around looking for chicken eggs.. watching cousins climb trees.. remember the swims old Dals went in our private pond.. haha.. (our lil secret eh *winks*)..

in short, miss the good old days when things are less complicated.. miss you all.. i guess when we get older we get more sentimental..


deer said...

dun miss me? =(

xandra said...

deer, of course got miss you.. but just you not my childhood friend.. so maybe in 10 years time will write about you.. hehe..

deer said...

alaahh.. so long.. i must wait that long ah? tat time old liao..