Sunday, July 30, 2006

looking back

don't worry.. not going to get all nostalgic again hehe.. just putting up some photos i took during study break and some recent ones..

MV Doulos
in case you're wondering what it is.. its a floating bookstore which is almost as old as titanic.. WOW!! it travels around the world and from what i've heard it is planning to come back to port klang.. sob sob.. oh ya.. and guess who i met there.. hehe..
the rounded steps.. even scarier on the way down.. partly thanks to adrian who
was having fun bouncing on the steps.. haha.. some of the stuff i got.. note that the prices are in units (100units=RM8) cool eh??
genting trip..
went up to genting with Jen.. (no pei, its not what you think it is..) when we first got out of the bus it was pretty warm and we were kinda disappointed.. but thankfully it got colder in the afternoon as it started drizzling.. and mr macho man had no choice but to use his sweater.. haha.. (male ego :P) erm.. nothing much to say cos Jen has already covered most of it in his blog (even down to what i ate.. *blush*)..
result day!!
oddly enough, my gang decided to watch pirates of the carribean before even getting the results.. pre-results celebration.. haha.. well, thankfully the whole gang managed to pass so everybody is happy.. :D
p/s you guys should have seen Geoff's expression when we told him that we're actually getting our grades.. (poor guy thought it was merely pass or fail).. he turned so red and practically started hyperventilating.. haha.. really Geoff, for you there's nothing to worry about lar.. :D

truly malaysian
erm.. this "carnival" was held by IMU during my study break.. it has lots of malaysian food ranging from nasi lemak to bak chang.. there were some cultural dance as well but we the persatuan perabot perabot perpustakaan didn't really get to watch it.. nothing much really as we're mostly stressed out by the upcoming EOS.. so photos!!

taken from the 3rd floor..

we love you yuen teng!!

friends forever *wink*

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