Tuesday, July 18, 2006

my birthday.. part 2

first of all, thanks to everyone who wished me.. and those who were there to celebrate it for me.. here are some pics..

with my family..

we went to Yuen steamboat.. hehe.. lots of recommendation from friends so we decided to try it out.. we tried to be smart by leaving the house early to avoid the crowd.. but guess what?? it was already crowded by 7.. imagine, 2 floors about 50 tables.. still got people waiting outside..

this pic was taken secretly.. hehe.. cos scared kena marah by some grumpy customers.. :P

after we got a table, we went to check out the food.. and ate dessert before the meal.. haha.. there's a wide selection of practically everything you can dump in to the soup.. then my bro went to get some fried chicken.. this place is famous for their fried chicken.. so naturally, there was a long que.. adrian told me that the customers will rush for the chicken.. and i thought.. how bad can it be?? well, it was bad.. people were so barbaric.. they rush and they push.. some even went to the extend of scooping a pile of chicken with their plate and not use the thongs provided.. imagine that.. and when my mum went to take someone even took a couple of pieces of her plate.. terrible Malaysian attitute.. haha.. mum was shaking.. :P

other than the chicken ordeal, the dinner was real nice.. lots of seafood and ice cream.. hehe.. to all who are planning to go.. please go after 9.. the crowd is more under control.. hehe..


with AOY-ians..

we went to nandos.. yummy..

oh no.. now everybody knows my age.. :P haha..

after dinner, irene discovered that one of her tires had a flat.. so being girls, me, irene and ivy didn't have a clue what to do.. thank God for adrian who gave us a lesson on how to pump air.. haha..


with IMU gang..

we went to mid valley to watch pirates 2.. it was a great show but terrible ending.. they left the show half hanging and we were protesting!! haha.. then went to have lunch.. after much consideration, we went to Nando..

oh dear.. another one of angelene's victim.. Geoff.. and check out pei's new haircut..

needless to say, food and company was great!!.. li shan suddenly drags denise out saying she wanted to check something out.. then the lights went on and off like in a horror movie.. OOOooooOOO!! hehe.. and angelene began eating so slow until hwei wan started to time her.. imagine!!.. then the lights went off.. and denise and li shan started singing a happy birthday song.. and the whole shop joined in.. it was a good thing the lights were off though.. i'm sure i was blushing.. hehe..

leaving in style.. from top: Geoffrey, hwei wan, pei..

then we went to IMU to collect out results.. anyways, thats a whole different story.. thanks again guys.. see ya!!


with G4 gang.. together with reunion..

me and krish..

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tze lin said...

just wonderin...... how many cakes did u get??