Tuesday, July 04, 2006

G4 reunion!!

told you i'll be back soon.. hehe..

hey all G4 people.. its been half a year since we closed our SAM books and went our seperate ways.. but now, since Krish (our dear class rep) is back from Australia, and Puvan is leaving for Manipal soon, AND, me and Andrew just finish our EOS, it makes a great time for our first reunion..

date: 7th july 2006
time: at night (not sure exactly.. should be 7-ish)
place: Andrew's house

so hope you guys can make it.. it will be great to catch up with you all.. see ya!!

photos of the reunion cum BBQ.. (coming soon!!)
like wai yi said, the food was great.. thanks to the cooks.. oh ya, we even made our own G4 garlic bread.. (Kris wanted to save money so we didn't buy the ready made ones) at first it was too hot because we put in too much garlic.. with a few adjustments to our "recipe" it was delicious.. "can tanding pizza hut wan d" says Maine.. hehe..

my hands, krish, maine with her master piece, and wee kee the plate holder cum QC..

then there was the other food.. a little birdie told me that andrew and mae did the marinating.. it was dee-licious..

andrew and mae..

wee kee did the super-salty salmon..

wee kee and maine

and puvan did the satay.. i think.. sorry i was being truly malaysian by coming late.. sob..

puvan and sher rene

and to top it all, they bought krish and i our birthday cake.. it was so sweet of them.. there are 17 small candles plus one big one.. no i'm not that old yet.. can't you tell?? well, mae said that 8 of the small ones are krish's and 9 are mine.. yes yes i am older than him.. :P..

me and krish.. happy belated birthday dear..

oh not forgetting dear old Kim.. poor thing it is more afrait of you lar wee kee than you are of her.. lol.. first dog i see eating bulbs of garlic and actually enjoying it.. hehe.. me own dog is contented with ice cream.. haha..

anyways, it was nice seeing you guys after such a long time.. looking forward to our next reunion in krish's place.. :P

gonna miss you guys.. keep in touch ya..

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