Saturday, April 29, 2006


M1/06 first official outing to Pyramid Ice.. first planning to skate for a long time because it was unlimited time but........ after awhile all of our leggies were painful so we decided to stop.. sad..

then, me, yuen teng and hwei wan went to LJS for lunch.. yummy..

after lunch we went shopping (naturally.. hehe) and bought some earrings.. so cute..

also, me and yuen saw this gorgeous new singlet in Body glove.. so we both got the exact same colour and design.. well, i wanted to get while but it was so transparent.. yuen teng demonstrated that with her pyramid ice wrist band.. she concluded it was transparent because she can read the word "NORMAL" printed on it through the fabric.. haha.. and, hwei wan said we're gonna look like twins.. :S
anyways, guess thats all for now.. oh ya, pei, ur leggie so scarily white i had to add this post without pics.. just so that i don't see your leg everytime i open my page.. haha.. just kidding.. you must admit that we did a awesome job with those colours.. haha..


pei said...

you lazy???hahahha
first time i hear lor...
sorry ar ffk u guys the other day...overslept...:P

xan said...

erm.. lazy to upload the pics lor.. hehe.. eh.. where got first time.. looks like u have to get to know me alot better pei.. haha.. see ya in 2 hours.. gonna have loads of fun in camp.. yay!!

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