Sunday, April 16, 2006

the evils of cigarettes!!!!!!!!

hey again.. didn't expect to be seing this page again so soon.. well something got my attention and i wanted to share this piece of horriying information with you guys..

this week for PBL, i was required to research on cigarettes content and how to quit smoking.. well in turned out to be a real eye opener for me.. and i'm sure that if u hear (or rather "read") me out.. you will see why..

after browsing a few websites, i finally found the page stating all the general cigarette contents.. this website says that cigarettes contain many toxic, mutagenic, and carcinogenic (causes cancer!!) chemicals and that they vary amongst brands.. here are some examples:

1. acetone-toxic solvent
2. acetaldehyde, ammonia-boost absorption of nicotine, increase addiciton
3. cadmium, neurosamines-known human carcinogen
4. formaldehyde-human carcinogen, also widely used as an EMBALMING liquid (to preserve a corspe)
5. cocoa-sweetener to make cigarettes more palatable to children (sick isn't it), act as bronchodialator allowing smokers to inhale smoke more deeply into lungs.
6. menthol-numb the throat so that the users do not feel the smoke's irritating effect.

so to all the guys and girls out there.. please please do not smoke.. if you have not start please don't love yourself and others around you.. if you already have, you can still make a difference by quiting. here are some tips..

1. get ready by setting a date, change your environment (get rid of all cigarettes, ash tray)
2. get support and encouragement from loved ones
3. medication (used with advise from your doctor)
4. be prepared for a relapse.

so now i'm sure that most of you can understand why i'm so eager to share this information. and a final word to all cigarette sellers, please open your eyes.. there are more ways to get rich than putting others at stake!!

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