Wednesday, April 19, 2006

happy birthday and good luck!!

hmm.. guess this is a unmistakable symptom of boredom (blogging).. haha.. waiting for lecture to start..

erm.. firstly just wanna take this opportunityto wish several of my friends who's birthday falls during this week.. :D

17th april-Danielle Wong, my dearest God sister..
18th april-Wai Keng
20th april-Aaron Lee
21st april-Elaine Tan
23rd april-Shu Yin
26th april-Janice

May God bless them always.. :D

secondly to all M1/06, all the best in OUR summative 1 test.. study hard and play hard (after of course) hehe.. and to some of my friends who are having exams around this time..

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