Thursday, April 06, 2006

Tucky's birthday!! :P

first of all.. happy belated birthday Tucky..
we all decided to celebrate for him at Mc Donalds.. so after class 10 of us went.. after the last time we went Mc Donalds i were surprised that they haven't barred us from the place.. haha.. (erm.. thats another story all together.. so nvm)

anyway.. being naughty as we always are, me and pei sneaked away to go get a cake.. yum.. first we wanted to get a vanilla ice cream cake (drool.. :P) but decided against it as we know Tucky's attachment to chocolate.. so.. we got him an american chocolate cake and we even wrote "mamipoko" on it.. don't ask me why.. but the fella always says that word (or phrase..) when he plays foosball.. hahaha..

hmm.. here's the cake.. it was real good.. in fact.. the birthday boy couldn't wait so he cut his own cake.. :P just kidding..

oh ya.. since angelene brought a camera.. we decided to test our "posing" skills.. haha.. i think everyone else in Mc Donalds think we're nuts (lucky i took of my ID).. haha.. so these are some of the photo's we took..

well.. guess its time to leave.. (much to the relieve of the Mc D workers i guess).. but.. its not the end.. being Naboo-ians.. we obviously have to live up to our standards..

so thats it for now.. catch ya later!!

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