Saturday, April 22, 2006

Exam blues..

hey all.. exams are so close.. so just taking some time off to say a few words..

firstly, (QnA)
1. what is IV septum?
a) 4 septum
b) interventricular septum

2. which is correct?
a) simple stratified squamous epithelium
b) stratified squamous epithelium

well, we had a good laugh when one of our study mates thought that IV septum actually means 4th septum because of roman numerics.. haha..

anothers highlight of the day is when someone said that the oropharynx and the laryngopharynx is lined by simple stratified squamous epithelium.. all medical students will (SHOULD) know that simple and stratified are totally opposite.. haha.. simple means only one layer of epithelial while stratified means several layers.. haha..

bottom line is.. what exam stress can do to your brains.. haha..

study hard guys!!

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YueN said...


simple stratified squamous epithelium huh? sound pretty cool actually... and it also sounds correct =(

All the best!