Friday, April 14, 2006

Basophil alert!!

hey there.. most of you may be wondering what a basophil is.. well.. it is a very very rare white blood cell.. well.. during lab today, while messing around with the microscope, i found a basophil in my own blood.. and the whole class took turns to see it.. anyway, thats the good part.. the bad part is that the basophils are so rare that you only actually see them when the person has an allergic reaction.. scary.. my good friend YP even said that i'm heavily infected.. lol.. so its either i'm very lucky to have spotted one or that i may be a little allergic to some unknown substance.. whatever it is, i feel fine.. hehe.. here is a picture of a basophil i grabbed of the net.. mine actually looks almost similar.. :D

oh ya.. to my dear friend.. you know who you are.. tortora's are for reference, not as pillows.. haha.. no offence ya..


1 comment:

Ah Pei said...

muahahaahha!!! u tatoo-ed me for goodness sake!!!

anyway, tortora makes a bad time, gonna bring a real pillow instead...:P

*sneezes* due to infection