Thursday, August 17, 2006

out of no where..

today went to summit for my usual yoga lessons.. as i was real early i decided to go to payless books to find something to fill my time.. then i picked this book which was rather interesting.. when i went to pay, the lady behind the counter told me that i need to find 4 more books as the book is 5 for RM 12.. wah wah wah.. damn untung.. :D

then went to grab a bite while reading my book near a fountain.. while i was devouring my book, this voice beside me suddenly went "excuse me.." so i damn kepo look up i also dunno why.. sigh..

there was this lady next to me.. and she was talking to me.. *sweat* she asked me about this guardian sale that was going on a while ago.. and so i told her that now no more.. but got clothes sale instead.. so i suggested why don't she go check it out.. hoping to get back to my book.. but NO!! she had to ask whether i was still studying or working.. so i said i studying lar.. mana tahu so sibuk ask what i study and where wor.. so i said i studying medicine.. at university malaya.. (one small white lie.. mana tahu she stalker or something..)

then she told me that she got offer from UM for english course.. blah blah blah.. wah.. salute her man.. talk to me like her old friend only.. scary.. then she told me that she was christian.. and asked if i was too.. and i said yeah (i'm 100% Catholic and i'm proud of it.. so no lie there).. then she ask which church.. i said SFX which is technically a lie because i go to CKK..

then my phone rang.. thanks dad!! life saver.. then i politely and hurriedly said that i've got to go.. and cabut!! and on the way to see my dad i was thinking about what i've told her.. seems like quite a good lie.. haha.. cos UM and SFX are very close to each other.. lol..

PHEW!! next time people say excuse me i'll just made don't know lar.. lucky this time was quite a nice lady.. only a tad too friendly..

not that i'm being arrogant or anything.. but nowadays there are alot of crazy lunatics around.. better be more careful.. so friends, beware.. be alert at all times.. especially girls!!


Zzzyun said...

hahaha, i kena smtg like this b4...

scary isnt it.. o.O

yeah, u can read abt it here if you want..

so many lunatics nowadays. *sigh*

deer said...

hey.. stop blogging already ah? so busy already ar?? or bf made u busy? hehe..

Anonymous said...

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