Sunday, September 03, 2006

life at a glance..

sorry i've not updated for a long long time.. i know there's no excuse since i'm on holiday.. but sadly my laptop was in the hospital for about a week already.. its still not back yet.. sob sob.. curi guna my bro's computer now.. since the last time i blogged.. lots of interesting things has happened..

15.8.2006- Genting trip no. 2
went to Genting with the gang.. me, jen, pei, denise, chris + girlfriend, and keat seong.. come to think of it, its a rather wierd combination of people.. :P but it was fun nonetheless..

my last yoga lesson for the elective.. was fun despite multiple aching muscles and joints.. more flexible now.. haha.. now to complete the report.. somebody help me!!

28.8.2006- Pei turns 20..
happy belated birthday dear!!

29.8.2006-Daniel's birthday..
happy birthday my dearest cousin!!

28.8.2006-2.9.2006 M2/06 orientation..
finally i'm not a baby in IMU anymore.. woohoo!! had the opportunity to become an OO for group 5.. initially, they were so quiet!! but in the end, all was well.. was especially proud of the team spirit you guys had during treasure hunt.. and to my IMCC, you did a great job!! to Farik.. welcome to Malaysia.. glad you love it here.. :D to all my group 5 juniors, it was a pleasure being your OO.. welcome to IMU!!

holidays are over!! guess its time to make a new "sems" resolution.. which is the same as the previous one.. study harder.. sigh.. see ya'll tomorrow M1/06.. missed you crazy people..!!

Aaron Ho: sorry lar din blog so long.. din know you missed reading my crap.. bluek!!
A-levels friends: congrats on your excellent results!! all the best in uni.. :D
STPM pals: all the best for your exam..
SAM juniors: good luck for trials!! just give your best and God will take care of the rest..

would like to urge all you young and healthy individuals to help out at my church's blood donation cum bone marrow testing.. its next sunday (10th sept)!! besides donating blood, your blood (10ml) will be tested for compatible leukemia patients bone marrow.. if there's a match, you might have just saved a life!! contact me for more information..

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Finally. =P

hehehe.. ohh yeaa.a.a.. how come i bump into u that day ar? hehehe.. summore never intro!! hmmph.. and im not talkin about ur bf.. :P