Saturday, September 16, 2006


its been quite awhile since i last saw this page.. i guess it must have been really long since i blogged.. got some pretty obvious hints from a few good friends.. haha..

the past few weeks have been pretty busy.. trying to understand all about microorganisms.. who knew that they can cause so much trouble when u can't even see them.. making my life harder only..

today was a typical long day.. but somehow even this late i don't feel like sleeping yet, so here i am.. pity u guys.. :P attended my first CPR class.. was really informative.. then headed over to SFX for a Leadership Formation Camp/Talk by Martin Jalleh.. the fella is so funny!! and to think i wanted to skip it at first.. (oops.. hope Adrian's not reading this.. hehe) but i'm glad i went..

oh ya.. i went for this awesome play yesterday.. the Gospel according to St. Luke by Bruce Kuhn.. its a one man show sorta like a monolouge thingy.. but its so much better than i expected.. so for those who are interested, its still showing at the Actor's studio Bangsar till 1st October..

come to think of it.. this world is getting SMALLER!! everybody i meet seems to know a few of my batchmates.. cool huh??

and one more thing.. me got rejected from donating blood.. sob sob.. Hb count too low.. sigh.. it seems alot of my friends got rejected for some reason or the other..

till next time!! ciao..


deer said...

awee.. u poor thing.. tu la.. eat more food... so skinny.. no nice :P jk jk.. hehehe

xandra said...

er.. u better go get ur eyes checked.. or go look in the dictionary for the definition of skinny :P hehe..

well, to be honest i was like u at first.. thought anemia was only for skinny people.. ignorance..

YueN said...


heh heh...
i got rejected too.. same reason i believe.

Double dang!

eat more er...iron