Thursday, August 10, 2006

movie marathon

went to pyramid with Jen today (first official date *blush*).. initially wanted to go skating but i woke up and my legs were aching from yesterdays yoga.. darn it.. and considering the fact that he had training later at night so didn't want to tire him out :P

anyways, after brunch we went get tickets for both click and garfield.. garfield was nothing much to shout about.. was for the inner child in each one of us.. hehe..

but click was a whole different story.. it was funny, witty, and touching.. better not tell you guys the gists of it as it'll spoil the fun.. so go watch it ya'll.. the morale of the story is to appreciate all the good things that you have in life and to appreciate those around you..

then went to have waffles for tea.. guess that the best things are meant to be shared eh?? :P

when we got to his car i noticed that the window cleaners didn't clean the windows today.. :( did you know that pyramid actually offers window cleaning services for free?? then they'll stick this card under the wiper saying thank you for patronizing yada yada.. and even the time your window was cleaned.. so when your car is dirty you know where to head for a free clean.. hehe..

after sending me home Jen decided to go and have a chat with my mum.. so sweet :P hehe.. love you for it dear.. muax!! but now he knows more "dark secrets" about me.. crap..

-----for a more detailed version of the story click here-----

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