Monday, June 12, 2006

me playing KNIGHT ONLINE!!!!

Can u imagine me playing Knight Online??

I can't believe myself doing it either...

Well.. i did not actually played it.. but was actually doing my bro a favour (ahem.. how noble :p)...

Sincerely.. i thought.. just ON the computer.. set it on macro.. and my job's done.. i can study in peace.. with dad, my twin bros up in Prai for 3 whole days.. for their usual bowling tournaments.
Before leaving on Friday morning, my bro set-up everything, Chocokid, an archer on one computer and another character, Botakchee a mage on another computer, gave me last minute briefings.. and i was telling him.. piece of cake.. i can do it.. u just go and do your best and assuring him that i wont fail him.. will do my best... bla bla bla..

My first taste of knight online was after my PBL, i came back home.. sat in front of the computer and actually started to see what the heck Knight Online is all about..

Someone was asking, "Choco are you there?" I looked at the few sheets of instructions that he had scribbled for me.. but none gave me any indications on how to reply.. mmm.. i began experimenting.. but couldnt type anything.. gave him a call.. and he explained.. ok.. fine.. all goes well..

Suddenly.. something urgent came up.. and i kept my cool.. send choco to town and i bravely and proudly run back.. i know the way (bursts with pride :D).. haha.. and suddenly.. this pack of dogs, saber tooth attack me.. and i was like.. freaking out.. can actually feel that the dogs are actually attacking the real xandra.. omg.. my heart of beating so fast.. fingers trembling... epinephrine levels shoots up.. and everything went topsy turvy.. like when studying CNS.. crap..
after finally getting myself together.. i went back to my notes.. feeling that i have accomplished playing knight online..

Suddenly, the party leader wanted to change location to a better place where the players can earn more experience.. and therefore, went to Machi.. (dunno the actual name of the dogs).. my gosh.. they are hell.. its so ferrocious.. and since Botakchee is a mage.. he can tp all the other players without them walking (how i wish, we can have mage in our real world). Before i could reach the destination, i was eaten alive by the dogs.. and i was so terrified.. hands trembling
and the party leader was so impatient, was hurrying me.. and i was like.."idiotic bro why must i do this for u, i've got better things to do!!" . The other side of me.. i want to set a good example (ahem) that everything is possible.. so i told myself.. dont give up.. this is just some computer games.. and of course.. i SUCCEEDED to reach the place the party leader wanted me to be.. and successfully, tp all the other players too..(grins widely)

i actually sat in front of both the monitors and enjoy looking at all those knights, achers and what-nots killing all those montrous dogs (with the clock ticking closer and closer to my summative 2.. argh!!!!!!!!) .. i think i spend more time looking at the screen than to actually studying for my summative test which is this coming friday.. *regrets*

I missed my dinner.. my yum cha with my old friends.. all because of manning the stupid game for my bro..(not really that stupid, but i actually did had a little fun)

The worst thing happen was.. I was chatting with my bro (who logs in at a cyber cafe in Prai) on a computer.. not realising that a Troll Warrior was attacking his other character on another computer.. he typed.. RUN.. so being the innocent and blur me.. i thought.. he wanted to say, chiao, tata, goodbye.. goodnnite.. so being me, his good kind loving sister.. i bid him goodnite, sweetdreams. He shouted and typed out.. TW attacking you on the other computer.. When i finally knew what he meant.. i rolled my chair to the next computer and got a real horrifying shock to see the TW who was so near.. again.. my hands were trembling, could feel the cold sweat.. hearts pounding.. my Gosh..

Finally.. i went to bed at around 2am.. and up by 7am.. to set his game on macro.. and went back to study.. and guess what.. i couldnt study.. too many things happen.. i need to do this.. i need to do that.. and when anything happens.. i break into cold sweat.. heart pounding..fingers trembling and wat i could conclude is.. PLAYING KNIGHT ONLINE is so much more difficult than to study medicine.. so for now on.. it will be just.. Xandra is going to be a doctor.. ahahaha.. well, call me nuts but at least my notes can't attack me.. hehe..

Im so glad that my brothers are back.. i dont have to man his game..
but i must say it was worth it as he was the 2nd block leader in the Penang circuit 2006.. but sadly.. not for the finals as he injured his finger.. anyways, congrats bro..

oi bro.. you owe me a dinner at TGI.. hehe.. muax!!


Anonymous said...

where do u get the macro from? wat site?

Anonymous said...

i have a lvl 50 rogue assasin and i wanna get him to lvl 60 fast and i wanna use macro so where do i get it?

Anonymous said...

leave me an email to the macro site. my email is