Friday, June 16, 2006


unfortunately, like all good things, it doesn't last.. have to start studying again for EOS.. sigh.. might as well live in the library already.. :(

now for a sneak preview of what happened in the past week.. (backwards :P)

After Summative 2 celebration..
after the test.. some of us had to go and do our AIR topic (ask IMU lar why put dateline same day as exam.. sigh).. while the rest of us went to endah parade.. all the way to eat thong yuen.. hehe.. yum.. and when we were pouring in the sugar, our minds were saying "diabetes mellitus, hyperglycaemia, glycosuria".. seriously, this medical thingy is starting to grow on us.. haha..

when the rest have submitted their AIR, we went midvalley.. woohoo!! watched runaway vacation.. basically its a movie about this family who (in my opinion) treats their father really badly.. but the father still goes the distance for his family (aww.. so sweet).. well it was a really touching movie and i guess the moral of the story is to treat your parents better.. hehe..

then, i went to watch Tokyo Drift.. it was a great movie.. lots of action.. the best part is, the accidents in the movie make my accident look really teeny weeny.. haha.. after the movie.. some smart fella went and make a wrong turn so we spent a significant amount of time sightseeing in Bangsar.. haha..
then went to had dinner in asia cafe.. you must be wondering why i'm so free to take a photo of the receipt.. well.. look carefully. the price for the drink is RM1.30 and RM 3.80.. which is ok.. then they give us a 5% discount and then a 5% government tax.. so it comes out to the same.. this really doesn;t make sense.. sigh.. the extent people will go to make their stuff look cheaper.. :P

now, my final PBL in

my last PBL with this group.. and this is what our typical PBL sessions look like..

gonna miss you guys.. *sob sob*


deer said...

ehem. who is that someone who made a wrong turn ar? someone oso not sure how to go back and in the end made one big round.. who ar who ar?

xan said...

i dunno who wor.. tell me lar.. hehe.. well.. at least i tried helping you.. haha..

deer said...