Friday, June 09, 2006

first kiss..

*warning* if you are looking for a sneak preview of some juicy gossip or insights to my love life you are not at the right place.. come to think of it.. my love life= Tortora.. hehe..

ok ok.. let me set you straight.. today, is my CAR's first kiss (by me lar), an extremely strong magnetic force was holding me to my bed.. can't get up.. but i guess you could call it laziness.. *regrets*

so, naturally was rushing for time to get to lecture.. and out of nowhere CRASH!! (literally cos i didn't hear anything)

i was kinda shocked (ok.. to be honest, Very) and i got down to talk to the lady.. of all my luck she had to be speaking Mandarin.. crap.. so was struggling with my banana-ness and my shakiness..

thankfully it happen near my house so i called my parents.. really didn't want to initially cos i was afraid of getting skinned alive but eventually..............
xan: mum.........
mum: yeah??
xan: i bbbang someone..
mum: where??
xan: (gives description)
mum: ok i'll be there..
my dad somehow knew what had happen.. (don't ask me how.. it must be parents instincts)..
he was already at the door before my mum even told him..

so they came.. dad settle with the lady and mum sent me to uni which is a good thing cos i was shaking like a leaf.. if i had continued to drive i probably would have accumulated more than a year's worth of dents and scratches.. *sweat* or should i say perspiration..

luckily my car has just a few scratches which came off after polishing (except one which now serves as a painful reminder).. phew.. but the lady's ISWARA was dented.. (so much for belilah barangan buatan Malaysia :P)

and so, the big question.. *drum rolls*
did i get scolded??? miraculously no (jealous?? hehe).. *sighs with relief* i guess my parents was more than thankful that i'm ok.. although i did get some new driving pointers.. :P

..anyways, really owe it to my parents for being supportive.. muax!! love you guys..

moral of the story is:
1. wake up earlier..
2. look-and-go: don't assume there's no car..
3. learn mandarin or any other dialect..


deer said...

ehem.. i can imagine u shaking... more like vibrating on ur own... =P

hehe.. nvm.. i kissed twice and got kissed once.. 2-1 so i think i pro. =P

wanna kiss me to make it 2-2? =P

xan said...

huh?? innocent girl blur!!
you only kissed twice.. sigh.. wat a sad sad life.. hehe.. er.. its ok.. i do not want to contribute to your statistics.. hehe.. have fun in Redang..