Wednesday, October 18, 2006


"A person you share a special friendship with because you understand his/her feelings and interests" Oxford.

what XANDRA says:

"A person who accepts and loves you for who you are and doesn't expect you to change or try to change you.

A person who is there for you all the time and with whom words are unnecessary to express your deepest feelings.

A person who smiles with you when you are happy and who cries with you when you're hurt.

A person who stands by you with a ready warm bear hug to lift your spirits.

A person who corrects you gently when you are wrong for your own good.

A person who does his/her best to put that lost smile back on your face even though it means embarassing him/herself with silly jokes."

well, a soulmate is someone who you can really be yourself with, laugh and share jokes, or cry..

soulmates are like rare jems which are hard to come by, hard to notice but once they are found, you will never let them go..

but sometimes, you soulmate may come and go without you realising it because you are too busy looking for them or because they may not seem "your type"..


xandra said...

aih.. me too lazy to open the blogger to write a last sentence..

"even though the person closest to your heart may not be exactly perfect.. but God may have better plans for you than your own desires and material greed.. so treasure those close to you.. and true love is not only measured by how much you love the good in a person, but how much you are willing to love that person for the faults he/she has without trying to change him/her.."

Jeremy Gerard Nunis said...

Jems are rare... ?? :P U mean Gems!! But i dont mind being called rare.. haha

Anonymous said...

LOL - why is this topic so popular lately..


xandra said...

jem: ahhaa.. soweee.. typo.. but you are rare too.. :D everybody is special in their own ways, so we must be proud of who we are and not change to be what others want us to be..

roons: owh.. is it?? :P Selamat Hari Raya!!