Tuesday, October 10, 2006


To my dear brothers for their recent Confirmation on Sunday..

whats confirmation you ask??
well, it is one of the 7 sacrements in the Catholic church where the confirmants are considered to become adult Catholics.. it is usually when one is 16 years old..

the cool ties i managed to curi for them.. special thanks to Jemboree and Rooney *winks*

my twin brothers.. looking all smart and handsome.. too bad i'm their sis.. if not can go pikat them *ahem*

but sadly, they weren't allowed to wear their adorable ties for the ceremony.. it was a good thing we brought spares.. :D

Xavier and his new Godfather Uncle Thomas

Xavian and his new Godfather Adrian Ng *drum rolls*

my beloved family.. you wanna noe why i choose this pic?? cos i dun look short with Xavian squatting down.. haha *evil laugh*

see what i mean?? argh.. and i was wearing heels!! looks like i'm destined to sit in the middle of the car.. sob sob..

time reall flies huh?? it was like just yesterday when i kneeled down and prayed to God for a pair of twin brothers.. and that they will be just like Chipmunk and Lowela (some cartoon.. where one is very naughty and the other is an angel)

and it was like just yesterday when my dream came true when you guys were born.. and every bit of my prayer were answered, down to the part where one is naughty while the other one is good..

and it was like just yesterday when we used slip on our swimsuits, wet the porch floor (with water of course..), put a generous helping of soap and start sliding down the driveway.. and crashing down to the gate below.. mum always say thats why the gate was so dented.. haha.. 3 big watermelons..

and it was like just yesterday when we used to celebrate the tanglung festival.. not with tanglungs but with candles.. lighting small colourful candles all around the porch.. poor mum had a nice time scraping it off the next day though.. hehe..

and it was like just yesterday when i gave some kids a good trashing for picking on you guys.. such a protective big sis huh??

oh well.. the good old memories..

oh and you know what, i tied their ties for them for the ceremony.. *beams*

so to my dear brothers, do pray that you will continue to grow in faith to know and love God.. and that you will be His servant in spreading His everlasting love for humankind..

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