Thursday, May 11, 2006


finally the results of our summative 1 exam is out..

i am super duper thankful that i passed.. those of you who talked to me after the exam will know how relieved i am.. i was so so sure that i'm going to flunk it.. i even made a bet with Hwei Wan..

Xan: die lor.. sure fail already wan..
HW: u don't talk crap... u surely won't fail.. trust me..
Xan: wanna bet??
HW: ok.. if u fail i give you 5 bucks..
Xan: ok.. and if i pass i give you 5 bucks..
HW: deal!!
*so the deal was sealed*

er.. so i'm now poorer by 5 bucks..

lol.. but i passed!! woohoo!!!!!!!!!!


HweiWan said...

muahahahahah.. i am RICHER by 5 ringgit!!!

YueN said...

darnnn...i knew i should've gotten involved in that bet.

=) COngrats btw!

xandra said...

eh.. remind me never to bet on results ok?? must study harder wei!! hehe.. enjoy the 5 bucks..