Thursday, May 18, 2006

Geoff's birthday

happy super duper belated birthday Geoff..
to the others, enjoy the pictures.. hehe..

at Mc Donalds.. i'm sure the staff know us by now.. from all the noise and mess we make each time.. :S

birthday boy blushing.. cos we sang "happy birthday" twice very loud.. muahahahha..

Geoff trying to cut his cake.. haha..

Pei giving the cake a shot.. still too hard.. how to eat?!!?!?!?!?

finally the cake is cut.. thanks to Hwei Wan (and her magic parang).. super woman in disguise..

er, Geoff, i know its ur bday but dont la steal Pei's cake.. hehe.. only joking.. :D

the cake very cold (brrrr.. ).. and hard.. but nevertheless YUMMY!!

er.. i think it has became a NABOOB-ian tradition that girls take a group picture after every occasion.. hehe..

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