Wednesday, May 24, 2006

MALE pregnancy?!!?!?!?!?!?

i recently received an e-mail from a friend about this Mr. Lee Mingwei.. a pregnant Male.. i don't know how far it is true but its very... er.. i've got no words to describe what he has done but what i know is that i wouldn't want anyone i love to do it.. especially my family and friends.. so guys, please please leave child bearing to your WIFE and concentrate on more important things ya??

anyways, you can check out the website


YueN said...


hahaha...interesting stuff..but apparently, its all fabricated stuff (doesn't this remind u of PBL 13?)

Supposedly, the ppl involved are doing it for artistic purposes (?) Besides, the malepregnancy site was pretty vague about the scientific part of it...

So, we are still safe...for now.

xan said...

hmm.. thought as much.. yup we're still safe.. haha.. but i really don't understand why would anyone want to act pregnant for any reason.. weirdo.. haha.. anyways, pregnancy is still the most well kept secret among women right?? men still haven't figured out how to do it.. haha.. don't you agree?? :P