Saturday, May 12, 2007

News flash!!

Warning!! A mass outbreak has occured in the vicinity of the International Medical University where a large number of students particularly from M1/06 has been infected with a strange virus which is said to be highly infective.


Exam-induced hypertension

Signs and symptoms:
- lethargy & malaise
- increased appetite
- insomnia
- palpitations
- cold sweats
- cold and clammy skin
- nervousness
- ink-stained fingers
- hysteria
- mumbling to self

Suggested treatment:
- TLC (tender loving care :D)
- hugs
- support
- ice cream :D
- laughter

Life span of virus:
Unknown but expected to be self limiting.
All cases estimated to be cured by 5th July 3pm

-Sorry.. super random post.. a late stage symptom of the viral infection.. haha..-
Anyways, to all my friends in M1/06 who is currently infected with this virus, study hard but don't forget to relax as well.. and to the others please pray for us!! and sorry for the excessive use of jargons XD

p/s this is a pathetic attempt to resuscitate my blog from ICU.. success rate currently unknown..


Jens said...

hey dear...
eehehehe.. want a hug? nah!!
ehehe.. muax muax...
tlc to help u go thru and recover from the virus...=)

Anonymous said...

Oh, you poor thing!

Hi Xan! *waves hand* Hang in there k. Study hard, but keep sane at the same time. Here, pretend I'm buying you ice cream. ;b Take care dear, keeping you in my thoughts n prayers.

Love, Daphie

Bryan said...


Hei good luck in your studies. I'm sure you guys would find an antiviral drug call Prayer to combat the outbreak.


Bryan :)

xandra said...

hey guys!! thanks so so much.. me so lucky got so nice fwens :D

jens: thanks dear.. more than 1 can?? hehe

daphie: *licks ur ice cream* yum!! slurpz.. all the best ya.. thanks so much..

bryan: hey!! as a student researcher you are indebted to help me find the antivirus k?? hehe.. thanks angel.. :D

pei said...

ah...ur blog is alive...:P