Saturday, February 17, 2007

a day for love and another for prosperity..

-- this post will be a feeble attempt to drag my blog out of ICU --

the past week has been one of the most eventful and hectic week of 2007 (so far..) well, first things first..

Valentines day..
hmm.. a couple of days before, Jen Lye sms-ed me and said that he book me for lunch on wed 14 feb.. but didn't say why.. so ok lor.. but then i found out i got CSU.. aih.. so when wednesday came, we went lunch at secret recipe.. food was so so, but the companion was very very special..

ain't it pretty??

thanks dear for making this valentines a memorable one.. :D (hmm.. i didn't manage to take photo of my prezzie to Jen so check his blog for photos :P.. muahaha.. now you have to blog dear.. see pei, i helping you revive the ICU blogs)

also to my dear friends for your wonderful friendship.. special thanks to Gwong, RR and Phing2 :D..


Chinese New Year

like every other occasion, there is bound to be things which i love and which i dislike about it..

so lets start with the bad stuff..

i dislike CNY because: cleaning, cleaning and more cleaning..

but, i love chinese new year cos: food (plus this year got special dish cooked by Jenlye and his mum.. super yummy.. dear, you spoiling me.. so round d.. :P), new clothes, cookies (my fav is flower cookies *slurp* OI glen, your cookies here ar.. come and take but you owe me lunch for making for you.. haha) and cos get to visit my grandma's.. and not to forget Ang Pau's..

so wishing all my beloved family and friends a wonderful chinese new year.. especially those who won't be able to be reunited with their families always remember that your family is close at heart.. God bless!!

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Jens said...

i can't be any more thankful to have you in my life... though i always say it, don't get bored of hearing it k?
remember our promise? it's both of our part to keep and hold true to it..
love you xandra.. muax!