Thursday, November 09, 2006

Of thankfulness..

Lately i have been feeling thankful for almost anything.. not that i'm complaining.. its a really nice feeling.. my first EMO post.. but in a good way :D

i guess it all began with my trip to Seremban Hospital..i must admit that i felt really out of place when i walked into ward 6A my first day there.. its rather terrifying an experience to see so many ladies packed into a tiny ward (52 patients in the female medical ward) and the condition was way below satisfactory.. patients had IV drips attached to their hands which were stained with blood, over full urinary catheter bags waiting for a nurse to notice and empty it.. all the patients looking so weak and sad that its heartbreaking..

during my 2-day visit, i talked to many patients, just being there as a listening ear.. most patients were very happy that somebody even took the time to talk to them that they spilled out most of their life story.. i took their vital signs and even got to record it down as IMU STUDENT.. haha..

i must say that the highlight of my visit was being given the opportunity to give an elderly patient a bed bath.. although at the beginning, i was ready to cry because i was scared and really don't know what to do.. plus, we have to change her pampers and the bed sheets with her lying there.. the patient was 86 years old!! and she was being fed through a tube attached to her nose..

and it was really nice how the patients responds when you just offer them a smile.. their previously sad and weak looking face would just lit up like some one turned on the light.. its just amazing what a smile could do for a person.. and its sad how people who are so busy with work are too caught up to just smile at others around them.. wouldn't that make the world a better place?? not to mention make someone's day??

after those 2 days, i feel that i must be the most luckiest girl on the face of the earth.. with loving parents and brothers, and friends who love me..

lucky that my loved ones are healthy.. the other day when i told mum and jen how shocked i was with the hospital condition, jen said that memang gov hospitals are like that and that i'm very blessed that i am not exposed to it earlier.. i guess he's right.. cos it means that i didn;t have reason to be going there!! hehe..

seeing elderly patients in the wards remind me of my grandmothers.. my mum's mother is currently staying at my house.. how thankful i am that they are healthy..

my maternal grandmother will be celebrating her 84th birthday in december and she's as strong as a horse except her leg problem.. arthritis..

i am thankful that she's able to walk around even though it means having to wait for her most of the time..

thankful that she does not have to be bed ridden.. even though her snores keep me up during the night.. hehe..

thankful that she does not need help with her meals even though she always put leftovers on my plate and asking me to finish it.. and later saying that i have put on weight.. aih..

thankful that she can still do her own laundry even though she makes us worry as she might slip on the soapy floors..

on the other hand.. my paternal grandmother isn't doing quite as well.. she suffered a stroke a few years back and now it seems her memory is quiting on her.. haven't had the chance to visit her in a while but i hope to do so before she forgets me.. i even bought her a bracelet.. IMU.. give me a holiday!!

well, i pray that God continues to shower His blessings on me and my loved ones..

and to all my friends out there.. please remember to smile at everybody even though they are rubbish collectors, cleaners etc.. SMILE A LOT. IT COSTS NOTHING AND IS BEYOND PRICE. quoted from Life's little instruction book.. and take time to tell your loved ones how much you love them all the time because it may be your last chance to do so..

I LOVE YOU dad, mum, xavier, xavian, grandma's, Jen, and all my friends..

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Jens said...

dear xan...
well... nice to see ur grandma... and told u redi lor hospital condition is lidat wan mar... govn hospital... don't have to pay anything wan the patients...

glad that all of us have our own fair share of experience in hospital visit.. it's good that we learn to be more down to earth to patients who are in pain because they are happy that we care for them...

finally i want to say i love you too... very much and from the bottom of my heart...

love you.. muaks!