Friday, January 05, 2007

I'm back!!


phew, it has been quite a while huh?? no wonder darling pei threatened to remove my name from her link.. tsk tsk.. well, this blog is dedicated to you CYP..

its been a crazy december for me.. this IMU is seriously trying to push us way beyond our limits.. after sum 2 straight away on the same day they crammed one PBL and our first CVS lecture.. but that was a long time ago.. now, CVS is over and done with at least for another 4-5 months or so before EOS.. :(

so i guess you guys already managed to work out my blogging pattern.. always after a test.. haha..

today was quite a stressful day.. cos first had to sit for CVS exam.. then feedback session plus taking results for sum 2.. but i guess all turned out ok.. the best part was, i had so much free time on my hands for once.. so i decided to go watch movie.. i know, it sounds lame but its just so so nice to get to watch a movie without the guilt that used to come with it..

for those who haven't watch the Guardian, its a really nice movie.. very kan cheong.. haha.. hmm.. wanna know the ending?? lol.. i won't be so mean as to spoil your fun k??

next week we'll be starting our first rotations.. should be loads of fun especially KKB.. starting with com med on monday and i really hope i'll still feel excited about rotations after that.. lol..

so for now, maybe i'll just find a book to bury my face in.. a STORY book mind you.. and maybe do some old-fashioned cross stitching.. and oh ya, accompany my dear cousins who came from Aus for the summer..

to all sem 3's who are probably burning the midnight oil now making love with their sky-high stack of notes, just wanted to wish you guys all the best for EOS and to stay calm.. Good Luck especially to Jem, Paul, Ben, Kevin, Sebby, Jamie X 2, Li Shun, Joanne, Hui Jiun, Tim, Deb, and to all the others..

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pei said...

u posted this on th 5th, now is the 17th..and i'm oni reading this entry after 12 days?? my dear, thiis shws how dead ur blog is...UPDATE la often!!! hehehhee...